Personal Property/ Business Closing Referrals

20% referral fees for your leads

So you aren’t in the real estate or auction business but know of people that need our services?  Just refer the seller to us and we do the rest.

This program is designed for just about everyone.  Do you know of an estate, a business that might be closing, a manufacturing facility that needs to sell some larger pieces of equipment, a large gun collection or other similar assets?  Just send the contact information and basic details and we will handle the rest.  

Once we conduct the auction, you get paid when the client is paid.  You can easily earn referral fees by simply keeping a keen eye for those that need our services.

This an easy way to earn thousands of dollars by just forwarding information.  Earning referral fees of $10,000 isn’t that far away.  Call us today to get started or fill out the form below with your referral.

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