Micro Auctions

Redfield Group doesn’t require a large inventory of assets to be included in an auction. We have the capability and in place programs to offer single items in a dynamic online auction targeted to specific groups of buyers.

If you own a valuable asset and would like to expose it to a very broad market with buyers willing to pay within a week, our Micro Auction program might be just right for you. We find it is difficult and time consuming for a seller to list on multiple sites, handled calls and emails, sift through the scam buyers and even risk disclosing asset locations to a world with its share of dishonest people. Let Redfield simplify the process and remove those risks.

Here’s a small sample of assets that may qualify for a Micro Auction:
Machinery – Heavy Equipment – Tractors – Industrial
CNC – Metal Working – Plant Equipment
RV’s – Cars – Trucks – Boats – Motorcycles
High End Jewelry and more

Call us today at 256-413-0555 to discuss your needs, assets and our program in more detail.

Turn unrequired assets to cash quickly