Auctioneer Partner Program

Profit from deals outside of your area

Redfield Group partners with other auctioneers all over the country handling large complex real estate deals to luxury homes and also provide assistance in managing complex personal property auctions.

We have conducted auctions in nearly every state and have extensive real estate knowledge having managed multiple $10 million sales.  If you have potential clients with properties outside of your expertise or outside of your market area, we have partner programs designed to assist from the sales process, to management of the auction and marketing and complete through the closing.

We also have worked with national firms and auctioneers providing auction management services for the some of the largest personal property sales on record.  You can also be comfortable knowing that we have been awards over 20 national and state advertising awards and our staff has combine to sell nearly $800 million in real estate and worked on nearly 1 million acres of land.

If you have potential clients, call us today to find out if our partner programs are right for you and your client.  We are members of the NAA and our staff holds the following designations:
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