We help Top Producers, who specialize in high value clients, with their problem listings by providing proven advanced auction programs which results in a closing over 90% of the time.

• Book more deals • Expand your reach

• Award winning marketing • Reduce overhead

• National Marketing • Experienced Team

• Personal property or real estate

Redfield Group partners with other auctioneers all over the country handling large complex real estate deals to luxury homes and also provide assistance in managing complex personal property auctions.

We have conducted auctions in nearly every state and have extensive real estate knowledge having managed multiple $10 million sales.  If you have potential clients with properties outside of your expertise or outside of your market area, we have partner programs designed to assist from the sales process, to management of the auction and marketing and complete through the closing.

We also have worked with national firms and auctioneers providing auction management services for the some of the largest personal property sales on record. You can also be comfortable knowing that we have been awards over 20 national and state advertising awards and our staff has combine to sell nearly $800 million in real estate and worked on nearly 1 million acres of land.

The Auctioneer Alliance empowers you to choose your level of involvement in our joint venture program, ensuring that you have the freedom to shape your path to success. Whether you prefer to simply refer a deal, book a deal with our assistance, handle the entire process yourself, or opt for something in between – the choice is yours!

Here's an overview of the partnership options available:

Referral Partnership:
Your role: Refer potential deals and opportunities to Redfield Group Auctions.
Our role: We take care of all aspects of the auction process, from start to finish.
Your benefits: Earn a referral fee for every successful transaction, without any further involvement.
We have paid straight referral fees from a $2000 to $40,000

Assisted Booking Partnership:
Your role: Book the auction deal with our guidance and support.
Our role: We provide expert assistance, marketing strategies, and assist in auction logistics like cataloging and loadout.
Your benefits: Enjoy a more hands-on approach while leveraging our expertise to enhance the auction process.

Self-Booking Partnership:
Your role: Take full charge of booking the auction and managing the process yourself.
Our role: We support you with advanced technology, marketing, auction platforms and remote assistance and “in office” services.
Your benefits: Exercise complete autonomy and enjoy the satisfaction of managing the auction process such as cataloging and loadout independently.

Managed Partnership:
Your role: Handle every aspect of the auction, from booking to cataloging and loadout.
Our role: We are here as a reliable resource, providing expertise and guidance whenever needed in addition to our “in office” services.
Your benefits: Take on larger and more complex transactions confidently, knowing you have a trusted partner behind you.

In all the structures, Redfield will handle the “in office” services such as online platforms, simulcast platforms, email marketing, billing, closing, advertising, payment processing, escrow accounts and client payments.  This leaves you the time and freedom to book and work deals.

The Auctioneer Alliance is all about empowering you to grow your business on your terms. We respect your expertise and unique approach to auctions, and our goal is to support you in achieving your business objectives.

Ready to take the next step? Reply to this email and let us know which partnership option interests you the most. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with additional details, answer any questions, and guide you toward the ideal partnership arrangement for your business.

Simply click the link below to provide your contact information and we will respond quickly.