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Are you tired of spending money on stale listings? Tried to find buyers for overbuilt and overpriced properties? Looking for ways to convert more listings to closings? At Redfield Group, we help agents convert these type listings to sales through partner programs and referral plans.
In the last few years we’ve shown many agents how to easily convert tough properties and clients without years of hard work and trial and error. We’ve partnered on deals with agents across North America to bring auction services to their clients, and we can do the same for you too.

Redfield Group has some form of partnership on nearly 50% of the properties we offer at auction. Our partnership program allows agents to add an additional service to their clients and creates a new and lucrative revenue stream. Whether you have a listing or just simply know the details of a potential auction property, Redfield can help you turn that stale listing or potential lead into earned income. In most cases, you will earn more partnering with Redfield Group for an auction that you would if someone else sold your listing.

We are looking for long term partners who want to assist their clients with problem listings.  Problem listings can be one of many scenarios such as:

Biggest property in the neighborhood 
Unique property 
Large land tracts where buyers want smaller tracts 
Been on market for extended period of time 
Time is of the essence 
Settling an estate 
Property has been vacant for a long time 
Seller wants to free up cash quickly 
Development that has lost sales velocity 

We have many agents that have partnered on 4 or 5 different auction deals and some have earned 6 figure fees on a single transaction.  In addition to earning very lucrative fees, our partner agents receive all of the buyer leads after the auction as well.

Service your client, keep the listing, keep your client, earn commissions and get rid of the problem listing.

Set yourself apart in your market and partner with an established and proven industry leader.  We look forward to explaining the program and discussing your needs in more detail.

Discover how adding auctions to your service portfolio can set you apart from your competition and increase client satisfaction

Start turning problems to cash today.



Redfield Group has been managing “problem” listings for nearly 20 years. Our typical client normally has an overpriced property, property with issues, the largest property around, large land tracts or need to sell extremely fast. These properties and situations generally become problem listings for real estate agents as well. We want to build long term relationships with aggressive agents to get these problem listings sold.



Imagine if you could take 5 or 6 problem listings a year (that might go unsold or relisted with someone else) and flip those to a sold listing in around 45 days and earn larger commissions at the same time. If your average property is $250,000 or higher, you could be making an extra $75,000 or more per year. We have broker/owners who have partnered on single auction deals that have put $80,000 to $180,000 in their pocket on a single transacation.



The auction industry is like the real estate industry. A smaller portion of the players earn the largest portions of the commissions. Most auction companies would never offer the commission splits that we do. Most real estate agents would never partner with an auction company. That is something we are changing by developing this partner program with the most attractive splits, high close ratios and turning unhappy sellers into clients that will send you referrals.



In addition to keeping the listing, when you partner with us to bring an auction to your client, we provide all of the buyer leads to you after the auction. It is now uncommon to get 25-50 buyer leads from a single auction event. We want to build a strong, long term relationship and look forward to showing you the wonderful benefits on partnering with an industry leader for your problem listings.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some partner agents say:


“…one of the few guys in the business that I completely trust.”

Patrick G

Broker/Owner of Major Southeast Land Co


“…I highly recommend Mike’s expertise, professionalism and success record.”

Nancy H

San Miguel, Mexico


“Southern charm with high tech skills = Redfield Group.”

Melissa F


Designations, elections and appointments

It is important to hire a team that is constantly educating, developing and looked at by others as leaders in their industry. The following are just samples of the accomplishments of our staff.


  • CAI – Certified Auctioneers Institute – Indiana University
  • AARE – Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate
  • CES – Certified Estate Specialist
  • GPPA – Graduate Personal Property Appraisal
  • USPAP – Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices
  • ATS – Auction Technology Specialist


  • Past President – Alabama Auctioneers Assoc
  • Current Board – Alabama Auctioneers Assoc
  • Governor appointed – Alabama State Board of Auctioneers
  • Current Vice Chairman – Alabama State Board of Auctioneers
  • NAA – (National Auctioneers Assoc) Vice Chair EI Trustees
  • NAA – Vice Chair – Certified Auctioneers Institute Committee
  • Past International Director of Luxury Properties (United Country Real Estate)


  • National Auctioneers Association
  • Alabama Auctioneers Association
  • MarkNet Alliance
  • National Association of Realtors
  • iSynergy Network
  • ATF – Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer